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Synthetic Medicine Ineffective for Chronic & Debilitating Pain


Lack of  Proper

Lab Testing


Lack of Community Education & Empowerment


Our solution is to provide affordable alternative health choices

to all citizens whether local or global.


BCG has the advantage over other companies because our

Jamaican business license affords us the opportunity

of doing business in all CARICOM countries.

Our overall goal is lab and research. BCG is dedicated to providing the best products and services with dignity, pride, and respect to the communities we serve

Our lab will be capable of testing flower, oils, edibles, and other cannabis related products on a local and global scale. We are committed to giving back to the community by providing jobs, resources, and other opportunities.


BCG is well situated to serve three core groups



Adults ages 18 years and older who are medical cannabis patients with doctor recommendations, or licenses issued by their individual countries or states.



Due to the high population of Rastafarians living on the island of Jamaica, our target market will best profit due to the high demand for a product that has historically been used by a vast majority of the community. Those who use cannabis for Rastafarian practices can use it freely in sacramental ceremonies. This, by the way, makes Jamaica the only country to legalize cannabis use for religious ceremonies or purposes.


In addition to its own citizens who have physician recommendations, Jamaica allows tourists with physician recommendations from their home countries to obtain permits that enable them to buy medical cannabis

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Jamaica is part of the CARICOM Community which includes 15 countries. The CARICOM’s main purpose is to promote Economic Integration and cooperation to improve their citizens standards of working and living. BCG has the advantage over other companies because our Jamaican Business license affords us the opportunity of doing business in all CARICOM countries. This advantage will help maintain and enhance the overall goal of the CARICOM Model. BCG has secured land to grow cannabis plants in Kingston, Jamaica where it is legal to grow and distribute under a Sacramental license or with the CLA (Cannabis Licensing Association). We are operating under a Sacramental license, meaning that (unlike most foreign investors) BCG contributes a percentage of its profits to benefit native Jamaicans. Partnering with Outlier Biopharma means that we have also secured funding for research and development to ensure that our final products meet the criteria for the nutraceutical industry. The BCG Executive Leadership Team understands planning and more importantly, execution. We have more than forty (40) years of combined business and service industry experience and bring a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the company.



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